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Whoops! We have been so busy helping clients that we haven’t gotten the time to work on the write up for this awesome website!

Not to worry, the project description coming soon!

In the meantime, check out their website by clicking, click here!

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10003591_836823699730603_4544312038938157425_oMichelle sat with me 1 on 1 to walk through building a WordPress website for a newbie. I get SO lost in the backend and she gave me simple tools and concepts to use so that I can take what she built fore me and continue to update on my own. She is a teacher, not just a developer, and I think in the industry that is something hard to find.

Also, she explained the intricacies of SEO which is a complete foreign language to me BUT I know enough to realize its importance and truly appreciate all the behind the scenes work Michelle devotes to making a site optimized. She reads forums, keeps her skills updated and is just a wealth of knowledge that I trust.”

Maya Levin

Graphic Designer, Maya Designs