Brand Review Quickie


The Outclassed ‘Brand Review Quickie’ is an overarching overview of where your brand currently sits, so we can help you to improve your current branding materials.

The Brand Review Quickie starts with you filling out a set of questions about your business. These questions touch on areas such as the message you want to convey, your top products/services, your ideal client, etc.

A member of the Outclassed team who specializes in branding will then fill out the same questions from an outside point of view based on your current website.

This will allow us to directly compare what you want to express with your branding vs what you are currently saying. We will compare these notes and compile an actionable list of changes which can be made to your current branding, in order to better suit your vision.

We will then invite you to join us for a 20 minute in person or Skype call, in which we will present our findings. You will walk away from this session with a list of things that you are doing well, and a list of things that we suggest changing.

We guarantee that you will receive actionable changes to improve your branding.

Do you want a something that digs deeper into your brand or that focuses on rebranding? Then you’re going to want to check out the ‘Outclassed In Depth Brand Review for an opportunity to have additional segments of your business analysed.



This audit is a powerful tool for identifying your organization’s market, mission, unique value and personality. These attributes will form the basis of your organization’s brand, the total experience you’ll promise and deliver to your customers. Your consistent execution of your brand at all touch points will build and maintain customer trust and loyalty. Done properly, your brand will become one of your most powerful assets. In order to benefit from this process, you’ll want to be as brutally honest as you can in answering the questions we send you.

* If you purchase the Brand Review Quickie and choose to upgrade to the ‘In Depth Brand Review’ within 30 days, the funds paid towards the Outclassed Brand Review Quickie are deducted.


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