Outclassed In Depth Brand Review


If you are looking for a deeper analysis of your brand, then the ‘Outclassed In Depth Brand Review’ is for you.

In addition to the items discussed in the Outclassed Brand Review Quickie‘, we will also suggest areas of opportunity for you to grow your business and/or clientele. Specifically, this means that assets to your development and treats to your growth (internal and external) will be discussed within this review.

We will then invite you to join us for a 45 minute in person or Skype call with two members of the Outclassed team who specialize in branding, in which we will present our findings. You will walk away from this session with a list of things that you are doing well, and a list of things that we suggest changing, so you get the most out of your rebranding,

We guarantee that you will receive actionable changes to improve your branding, so it better aligns with your company’s market, mission, unique value and personality.



Process Overview:

The ‘Outclassed In Depth Brand Review’ is a powerful tool for identifying your organization’s market, mission, unique value and personality. These attributes will form the basis of your organization’s brand, the total experience you’ll promise and deliver to your customers. Your consistent execution of your brand at all touch points will build and maintain customer trust and loyalty. Done properly, your brand will become one of your most powerful assets. In order to benefit from this process, you’ll want to be as brutally honest as you can in answering the questions we send you.

SWOT Analysis Steps:

‣ what does your organization do really well?
‣ what are the strengths of your product(s) or service(s)?
‣ what are the strengths of your brand?
‣ what are the strengths of your marketing communications program?
‣ What are the strengths of your market position?
‣ other strengths in the market

‣ inverse of strength questions above

‣ to increase market size and share of market
‣ to capitalize on improvements in your product or service
‣ to optimize available resources
‣ to gain new resources – capital, assets, partners, strategic acquisitions, etc.
‣ to capitalize on other environmental factors (legal, political, economic, society, culture, living trends, competition)

‣ from your competition
‣ environmental factors (legal, political, economic, society, culture, living trends, competition, etc.)
‣ product limitations & resource constraints
‣ others types of niche specific threats

Process Goals:

  • positively reflects the core values of the company and its wares
  • contains at least one unique element that makes it memorable and sets it apart from competitors
  • excites customers and promotes their ambassadorship of the brand
  • is expressed proudly and consistently by all employees
  • is expressed in media and in locations that complement the brand


Process Benefits:

  • Helps you to find out your business’s weaknesses and strengths.
  • Helps you to live up to your customers’ expectations.
  • Enables you to know where your business stands so that you can take remedial strategies.
  • Helps you to hasten your company’s perceptions, be they negative or positive.


    How many new clients/projects would you have to win to justify the costs of a rebrand? For most professional service firms, one or two clients would be more than enough to justify the investment.


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