How To Use Social Media For Business – Online Course

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This powerful online course will give you everything you need to get started with social media for your business, plus, you’ll walk away with valuable tools to take those efforts to the next level.

Many businesses don’t get set up correctly on social media, which can result in low engagement, or worse, their accounts getting deleted. Learn how to get set up correctly to maximize your results.

From there, learn to implement best practices and see real results from your Facebook marketing efforts. This introductory online course will show you all of the basics of using social media for business — including why you should use Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest, the benefits for your business and exactly how to get started.


Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, & Instagram - Oh My!

Delving into topics relating to what your business should doing, when you should be doing it, and HOW to make it happen on the most popular social media platforms.

✓  “What the heck is a page/profile?!” - Key Vocabulary for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest

✓  “Which social medias should I use?” – How to Choose Which Platform to Spend Your Time Using

✓  “Do I really need a different profile for my business?” – How (and why!) to Keep Things Separate

✓  “Do fonts and colours really matter?” - Branding 101

 “Do I really need to plan my social media content?” - Creating a Content Calendar

✓  “When should I post, and how often?” - Optimizing Timing on Social Media

✓  “You posted what?!?” - What NOT to Do


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