Talent Untapped


Talent Untapped is a documentary about people with visible and invisible disabilities who prove that talent comes in all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. This project gives a voice to people who are often marginalized and shut out of the workforce.

A cornerstone of Outclassed’s business model is to provide affordable services (as well as a plethora of free DYI lessons and guides on how to start and grow your own business) to people with disabilities and chronic disorders. Therefore, when director Anna-Karina approached us about getting involved with this project we were honored to participate. Using the posters and logos created by Butter & Honey Graphic Design, Outclassed put together a one page website for Talent Untapped, aimed at encouraging people to donate to the Kickerstarter campaign that had been created to help fund the post production phase of the project. We also offered social media advice to the producer, providing tips and tricks from our Social Media for Business Lessons.

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People with disabilities form the fastest growing minority group in the world. In Canada, they are one in eight of us. As a veteran broadcaster, journalist and communications professional, I became part of that minority when I was deemed “disabled” and unable to work.

While recovering from a rare neurological condition, my inner circle of support was from people living with disabilities, many who were shut out of the workforce.

Why is it that the majority of people with disabilities are unemployed or underutilized? Talent Untapped chronicles my journey for answers.

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Anna-Karina Tabuñar

Producer, Talent Untapped

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